Restaurant de La Pasay

The Menu

Winter 2023–2024

Celebrating local produce

Emmanuelle and Michaël welcome you to their refuge in the heart of the Alps. Come enjoy an authentic culinary experience at a restaurant where artisanal methods, sustainability and seasonality are all on the menu. The simplicity of the ingredients and the passion with which they are prepared combine to create delicious Alpine cuisine.

Something for everyone

A menu of tradition and innovation

Meat holds a special place on our menu. We treasure the meat that forms the heart of our cooking – these morsels that tell the story of our region and its traditions.

When we cook local meat, we are doing so much more than simply preparing a dish, we are taking a journey into the past, paying homage to the traditions of our grandmothers, who prepared food with such love. So be transported by our delicious beef bouilli, a dish to warm the soul and delight the senses. 

We are also committed to offering a wide range of vegetarian dishes. In doing so, we go much further than simply meeting our customers’ needs. We see vegetarian dishes as an opportunity to get really creative. For example, our nettle soup is so much more than “just” a vegetarian dish. It’s a tribute to local plants.

Authentic cuisine

Awarded the Fait Maison Label

We are proud to announce that we have just been awarded the “Fait Maison” (“made in-house”) label. This certifies that the majority of our dishes are prepared on-site using high-quality, raw ingredients, reflecting our commitment to authentic, home-style cooking.

A few suggestions

Delectable dishes

We have something for everyone, whatever your budget. If you like cheese, you must try our delicious fondues. If meat is your thing, you’ll love the succulent beef tartare and our spit-roasted offerings!

Other must-try dishes include our homemade rösti, the mushroom velouté or the perch from Loë (100% Valais). For dessert, there’s an irresistible apricot tart, strawberry pavlova and lemon mousse.

Regional vintages

The wines

We have something to delight every wine aficionado. Our wine list puts the spotlight on local grape varieties, skilfully made into wine by the best Valais producers.

In addition, every month we showcase a different winery by featuring their wines by the glass and by serving a perfectly matched meal for you to enjoy with the producer. We would love for you to join us at these unique events where you can experience wine and its many gastronomic aspects in an even more immersive way.